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Inadequate breast milk production is the most common inhibiting factor causing the cessation of exclusive breastfeeding practices an effort to increase the rate of secretion and production of breast milk is through the use of traditional herbal medicines such as decoction and extraction of katuk leaf (Sauropus androgynous). Katuk leaf extract (Sauropus androgynous) has been known to have a variety of pharmacological activities. This paper aims to review the botany, phytochemistry, ethnopharmacology, and pharmacological activities of S. androgynous, and discuss the known chemical constituents at work in S. androgynous-induced prolactin levels to increase breast milk in humans. The data presented in this review were collected from published literature as well as the electronic databases of PubMed, CNKI, Web of Science, SCI finder, ACS, Science Direct, Wiley, Springer, Taylor, Google Scholar, and a number of unpublished resources, (ex: books, and Ph.D. and M.Sc. dissertations). Searching for research articles in several databases using certain keywords breast milk human and katuk (Sauropus Androgynus) leaf literature. All abstracts retrieved were screened for inclusion. All types of articles, including case series and case reports, were included due to the lack of herbal katuk leaf clinical trials. Exclusion criteria consisted of non - English and nonhuman articles. In conclusion, there was a significant effect of katuk leaf consumption towards increasing breastmilk production volume.


Katuk leaf Sauropus androgynus Breastmilk Breastmilk production

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Ulfa Primadhani. (2021). How to Increasing Prolactine Levels of Breastfeeding Mother with Consumption Katuk (Sauropus androgynous(L)Merr) Leaf. Eureka Herba Indonesia, 2(2), 100-103.