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Eureka Herba Indonesia (EHI) is open access peer-reviewed international scholarly journal that focused in publish all research related herbal medicine, complementary therapy, and  new modalities therapeutic using herbs and mineral, especially from Indonesia and world.

Eureka Herba Indonesia (EHI) aimed to publish a high-quality scientific paper including original research papers, reviews, short communication, and technical notes. Eureka Herba Indonesia (EHI) is published by CMHC (Research & Sains Center) and HM Publisher. Eureka Herba Indonesia has eISSN, 2746-5152. Eureka Herba Indonesia (EHI) also has International ISSN 2746-5152.


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Vol. 4 No. 2 (2023): Eureka Herba Indonesia

Published: Jun 2, 2023

The Relationship of Mother’s Knowledge to the Incidence of Stunting in Children at the Bromo Public Health Center, Medan Denai, Indonesia

202-205 Grace Clara Claudia Siregar, Wienaldi, Wika Hanida Lubis

Effervescent Powder Activity of the God’s Crown Fruit Extract (Phaleria macrocapa) (Scheff) Boerl) in Rats Model of Alloxan-Induced Balb/C Diabetes Mellitus

206-209 Khrisna Agung Cendekiawan, Lia Fitriyaningrum

The Potential of Andrographis paniculata as a Supplement for the Management of Benign Prostate Hypertrophy (BPH): A Systematic Literature Review

210-215 Rizki Jaya Amal, Irfansyah

The Potential of Jamblang Root or Java Plum (Syzygium cumini) in Medicinal Uses: A Systematic Review

216-220 Anita Fajriyani, Anisah Fitriyani, Ridha Alisthipa Sephia, Himyatul Hidayah

Java Plum (Syzygium cumini (L.)) Seeds Potentials in Medicinal Uses: A Systematic Literature Review

221-226 Himyatul Hidayah, Iin Suherti, Khoirunnisa, Salsa Shapa Azzahra

The Potential of Various Cosmetic Preparations of Tomato Fruit (Solanum lycopersicum) in Medicinal Uses: A Systematic Literature Review

227-231 Anita Fajriyani, Icha Nurfirzatulloh, Iin Suherti, Mutiara Insani, Ridha Alisthipa Sephia, Rifka Adya Shafira, Nia Yuniarsih

The Potential of Turmeric Rhizome Extract in the Preparation of Cosmetic Creams and Lotions: A Systematic Literature Review

232-236 Daila Ardiswina Pondini, Eka Helmy Rosyadi, Ghofaro Nurul Azzahro, Irdiyani Fariha, Lola Pitaloka, Muhammad Reza Akbar, Nia Yuniarsih

Comparison of Metabolite Content between Water Extract and Ethanol Extract of Moringa Leaves (Moringa oleifera): A Systematic Literature Review

237-241 Lia Fikayuniar, Adinda Khairun Nissa, Adiva Nafila Zulfa, Astriani Nurjanah, Intan Nurcahyani, Neni Nurlelah, Risti Septanti

Comparison of Non-Specific Standardization of Moringa (Moringa oleifera): A Systematic Literature Review

242-247 Chaerunnisa, Erisa Mindawati, Nurhalimah, Siti Solihat, Wida Nurhamidah, Lia Fikayuniar

Formulation and Characterization of Solid Tablets Using Solid Dispersion Matrix Technology: A Systematic Literature Review

248-252 Intan Nurcahyani, M. Abdul Jabar, M. Raka Werdaya, Risti Septanti, Satrio Adiputra, Nia Yuniarsih
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